The Rules

For clarity I will list this years rules below, these are subject to change but should be roughly right. Any suggestions will be carefully considered before making the list.

The Golf Bonus Rules

Each group is given one golden (or luminous) ball before the round, this ball will count as one less shot and will be accounted for when working out the match play winner, so if the golfer uses it on a hole and scores a 5, this will actually be a 4 when working out the match play result.

  • The ball may only be used once per player.
  • If the player loses that ball they are not allowed to replace it and will forfeit any extra shots they get on that hole and cannot use it again.
  • The player doesn’t need to nominate they are using the golden ball, they simply can put it down and play it.
  • You may play opposing golden balls on the same hole.
  • This will not affect the players personal stableford score, you will declare on the scorecard what you actually scored without the golden ball.
During each round a player may elect to kick their ball once without punishment (not allowed on the greens), you must get permission from the scorecard general before. Using without permission will result in a fine. You can use on GUR (Harps)

1 Euro Fines

Any shot ending up in the water will be a fine
A blob or no points scored on a hole will result in a 1 euro fine.

5 Euro Fines

Failing to get past the ladies tee box will result in having to walk to your ball with you pants round your ankles, failure to do this will result in a fine.
Failing to get to the bus by the time everyone is on the bus and waiting to go will result in a fine.
Failing to get to the restaurant on time will result in a fine.
Anyone declaring a score with the words “Err I think that was a..” is getting hit for a fine.

20 Euro Fines

Failing to turn up for dinner will result in a fine.
Any one not turning up for a round will be subject to a heavy fine.

* All standard golf rules apply. No gimmes, everything is putted out!

* All fines money will go to the evening kitty. Here is a picture of an evening kitty:


Make sure you read the small prints. Here is a picture of small prince


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