Golf Shot Sayings

A few golf sayings that have been said in rounds over the years, feel free to suggest your own, think we need to add some more topical ones, keep it fresh!

  • A Sally Gunnell: Ugly but a good runner
  • A son-in-law: Not what you wanted but it’ll do
  • A sister-in-law: Up there but I know that I shouldn’t be
  • A Condom: Safe but didn’t feel that good
  • A George Micheal: Trying to get on the dance floor with an iron
  • A Princess Di: Shouldn’t have taken a driver
  • A Kate Winslet: A little bit fat, but otherwise perfect
  • A Kate Moss: A bit thin
  • A Yasser Arafat: Ugly and in the sand
  • A Gerry Adams: A Provisional
  • An O J Simpson: Somehow got away with it
  • A Michael Barrymore: A long iron
  • A Russell Grant: A fat iron
  • A Louie Spence: An unbelievable iron
  • An Arthur Scargill: A great strike but a poor result
  • A Ladyboy: Looks like an easy hole but all is not what it seems
  • A Saddam Hussain: Go from bunker to bunker
  • A Red October: Underwater and you won’t find it
  • A Cuban: Ball needed one more revolution
  • A Dennis Wise: A nasty five footer
  • A Diego Maradona: A very nasty five footer
  • An Adolf Hitler: 2 shots to get out of the Bunker
  • A Tony Blair: Far to much spin on it
  • A Pippa Middleton: You just want to smash the life out of it
  • An Elton John – Big bender that lips the rim
  • A Gynaecologists Assistant – Just shaves the hole


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