Match Play Results

Firstly, forget anything about stableford, this is not about stableford points, this is just calculating what holes you get shots on or your opponent gets on you. The lowest Handicapper will have no shots on anyone.

Singles Match play

In singles it simple, work out the difference in Handicap and and whatever the result this is how many shots that person has on you or you have on them.

Working Example

Leroy plays off 16 and Angelina plays off 20 so Angelina gets 4 shots off Leroy (20-16=4), so on stroke indexes 1-4 on the course Angelina will have a shot. Angelina also has big boobs and gives out hand jobs for fun.

Doubles Match Play

Think about doubles as you playing singles against both of your opponents, you or your partner will have to beat both of them to win a hole. Its similar to singles calculation but against both players.

Working Example

Natedog (HC 16) and WazzaGee (HC 20) are playing against Tupac (HC 18) and Snoop (HC 22):

Natedog Has no shots on any player and is Angry about this but needs to suck it up as he’s the best player.

WazzaGee Has 2 shots on Tupac (20 – 18 = 2) and no shots over Snoop

Tupac Has 2 shots on Natedog (18 – 16 = 2) and no shots over WazzaGee

Snoop Has 2 shots on WazzaGee (22 – 20 = 2) and 6 shots on Natedog (22 – 16 = 6)


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