Creative and Unusual Pool Tables


As I’m shopping for a new pool table that my wife won’t possibly let me have I come across a few more obscure and fun ideas for pool tables. My particular favourite is the one dug into the floor, I’d like to have been around when the guy (had to be a guy) was digging a hole in his house for his pool table and his wife threw some questions at him. Lets take a look at some creative and unusual pool tables:

Cool Pool Table

You wouldn’t know this was a pool table, unless you had the top off, and if you still didn’t know it was a pool table with the top off then you are a fool, very cool table though.


Hidden Pool Table

A very clandestine way to store a pool table, don’t have to tell anyone!

Dinner Table Pool Table

A bench style table which doubles as a pool table I especially like the bench seats that double up as a pool cue holder.


Glass Top Pool Table

I’m not convinced that the balls would ever stop moving, but it looks like its got a special surface that allows it to play as a normal pool table, it looks pretty cool.

Mustang Pool Table

Not to my taste but this has taken some effort.

Mustang Pool Table


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