The final scores


Congratulations to the Razmagazians again this year winning the Chateaubriand Cup. 4.5 points to 5.5 points a tight competition.

Congratulations to this years stableford scoring winner Leyton Brooks @leytonbrooks

Final Scores

Leyton (@leytonbrooks) 87 points
Gary (@garyjordan) 85 points
Ricky (@rickychurchouse) 83 points
Kevo (@kevwarner) 81 points
Dan (@awladmin) 80 points
Jamie (@jamiechurchouse) 79 points
Harps (@deanharper) 76 points
Scott (@scottdraper) 51 points

Match Play Points

Dan 2 Points
Leyton 1.5 points
Gary 1.5 points
Ricky 1.5 points
Scott 1.5 points
Jamie 1 point
Kev 1 point
Harps 0.5 points

Top 5 round

Dan 35 points (The Old Course)
Leyton 34 points (The Old Course)
Dean 34 points (Millenium)
Jamie 34 points (Millenium)
Kevo 23 points (The Old Course)

Blob Count

Scott 23
Harps 17
Jamie 16
Rick 14
Gaz 11
Leyton 10
Dan 9
Kev 8


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