Fun Golf Rules 2014

2014 Rules

Thought I’d start a post about the rules, planning on keeping the tried and tested successfull ones and hopefully we can add a few more in. All suggestions welcome:

For the benefit of the new comers, here are the ones that are tried and tested and are staying:

1, Swing rape – A player once in a round can shout “Rape” during another players tee off.
New: If the player who is getting swing raped pulls out and stops the the player that is shouting or “raper” gets a 5 euro fine.

2, Me too – Once per round a player can opt to take their second shot from the same place as another player, usually used if you shank your tee shot, once called the player is then bound to that position.
New: A ‘me too’ must be called before leaving the tee box.

3, Portuguese Caddy: Once per round you can opt to kick the ball not incurring any shots penalty, a portuguese caddy must be declared before taking it.

New additions:

4, Putt swap,once per round you can use a putt swap, when all players are on the green, you can elect to swap putting positions with a player, he then takes his shot from your position and visa versa, this has to be both players first putt on that hole. cheers @leytonbrooks

5, Blind Putt – Once per round, you can elect to make a player play one of their putts blindfolded (or a least looking to the sky if no blindfold is about)  Cheers @kevwarner

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