Old Crow-ney.


Most of you have heard this story so the picture will be good enough but if not here is a beautifully worded short narrative.

On a beautiful sunny day at Aylesbury Golf Course, on the 10th hole, Gary was approaching the dance floor with an iron, a hobby of his it seems, and with no one else within 50 metres of him he hears a voice saying “Hello mate” and all that is near him is a large crow looking at him, quite confused at the crow, he carry’s on to play his shot, then he hears it again “Hellooo”, this has now completely baffled the hefty 42 year old from pikey corner, Aylesbury, with a slight hesitance he turns to the crow and says “Hello Mr Crow”, just then the voice comes again “Gary, can you hear me” in which he realises it was his mobile in his pocket that had called his mate Greg.


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